Fljótsdalshérað (also known as Hérað) is the broad valley extending and branching southwest from the black beaches of Héraðsflói to the Vatnajökull glacier and Kverkfjöll volcano. Hérað covers an area of 9.400 km2, almost 10% of Iceland. The size is reflected in a great variety of landscapes. Snæfell, Iceland's 2nd highest mountain, reigns over the highlands.

From the strange sub-glacial landscapes of Möðrudalur, the ice-age moraines and long, smooth-sided valleys to the coastal wetlands and colourful ancient volcanic ruins, not forgetting Stórurð one of the wonders on Earth and Hallormsstaðaskógur, Iceland’s largest forest. Among Icelanders, the valleys of Hérað, Jökuldalur, Fljótsdalur and Skriðdalur have long had a reputation for natural beauty and nice weather, reinforced by the districts growing forests. When summertime breezes come from the south across the highlands, they tend to be dry and warm. Some say Hérað is a weather paradise, whatever the season, with the exception of days when the mystical “east fjords fog” sets in.

Jökuldalur is known for sheep farming, where as barley and beef are typical products on the lakeshore. The district is the scene of Hrafnkelssaga, with Hrafnkell freysgoði, the Viking era chieftain living at Aðalból and a Skriðuklaustur was the east’s only monastery. The Icelandic reindeer are common on the moorlands and the nature reserve on Húsey-Úthérað sandy coast is a prime habitat of seals and birds.

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