Reykjavík is not just the capital and largest city of Iceland, it also has the funniest mayor in Iceland, comedian Jón Gnarr and is home to the world's most famous door knob at Höfði.

Reykjavík has the population of around 120 thousand people. It was first settled by Ingólfur Arnarson around the year 870 and is believed to be the location of the first permanent settlement in Iceland.

Reykjavik city isn’t only an administrative center for Iceland and a hotspot for culture and service. It’s also the country’s crossroad for domestic transportation. Reykjavik has the main airport for domestic flights. You can catch a daily flight from Reykjavik to all other parts of Iceland. But there are also regular bus rides or car rentals for those who prefer other means of transportation.

There’s something interesting to see in Reykjavik every week. It has plenty of festivals for people with all types of interest, in art, music, sports or family activities, to name a few. Once a secluded capital, today Reykjavik is a vital player in the international society. In the year of 1986, the US president Reagan and Soviet secretary Gorbachev held an important meeting in Reykjavik. All eyes were on Reykjavik at that time and some people think that the meeting had much influence on Reykjavik’s international stature today.

Reykjavík is the world’s most northern national capital.

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