Keflavík is a small town on the Reykjanes peninsula in the southwest of Iceland, now part of Reykjanesbær municipality (merged with Hafnir and Njarðvík in 1995). Keflavík is home to Iceland's largest international airport.

You can truly say that Keflavík airport is the headquarters of international flight in Iceland. The U.S. army originally laid its groundwork in the Second World War, but American troops ran a military base in Keflavík until the year of 2006. In 1946 the Icelandic and US authorities came to agreement that the military would hand off all aircraft facilities to the Icelandic government.

After that time international flights became reality in Iceland. In the fifties, Loftleidir airline offered transatlantic flights between New York and Luxembourg via Iceland, being the first one. With every year that has passed, the importance of Keflavík airport has grown. With just over forty thousand passengers in 1958, it now has over two million passing through it annually.

In the neighbourhood of Keflavík are many interesting sites and activities. One of them is the Blue Lagoon, the geothermal spa. Over four hundred thousand people visit it every year.

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